Railway Line

Our Engineering team is currently involved with the delivery of the North West Electrification project phase 1, commissioning into service the new Autotransformer system and switchgear buildings. This has involved the implementation of the new IEC61850 relay interface protocol and accelerated tripping schemes. The scope of delivery has involved our engineers carrying out the Factory Acceptance Testing, Site Acceptance testing and final entry into service of the Phase 1 scheme.

We have recently provided support to the Network Rail Specialist Team, helping to develop the new "RATS" (Rationalised Auto Transformer Scheme) with IEC 61850 GOOSE messaging. Innovative testing techniques using Omicron secondary injection test equipment has been used utilising GPS linked injection sets to simulate / inject simultaneous fault conditions at multiple sites.

In June 2012, WJ Project Services Ltd took on the System Testing Role undertaking critical short circuit testing on the Thameslink Project, the results of which were critical in the decision to implement the Autotransformer system. Managing the National Specialist Team in monitoring, Overhead Line Configuration works, System Section Proving, Short Circuit testing and final entry into service was key to the final sign off and acceptance of the new AT configuration feeding the operational railway.

As part of the West Coast Mainline increased 12kA feeding implementation and upgrade we took on the role of System Test Manager being responsible for the delivery of 14 Short Circuit tests which were necessary to prove the protection and verify the system under the increased 12kA fault levels. Following the testing we endorsed the new system configuration implementing the new 12kA operational running which has set the standard for the UK Network Rail system.

Our dedicated team of commissioning engineers have extensive experience on the East Coast Mainline working installing the newly upgraded protection system within the existing Air Insulated substation buildings. This project involved works from Kings Cross up to North Muskham.

Further works on the East Coast Mainline have involved the upgrade and centralisation of the SCADA system from Hornsey and Doncaster to the new York ECR and more recently we have completed the installation and testing of new VMAG 25kV circuit breakers within the York area to replace life expired equipment.

Working on the West Coast Mainline Phase 2 project saw our engineers testing and commissioning nine substation building which we subsequently brought into operational service. The feeding areas concerned were the Oxenholme North and Lichfield Trent Valley South areas brought online with Autotransformer feeding.